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Inspection, Maintenance and
Repair of Gymnasium
Bleachers, Backstops,
Curtains and Operable Walls.

Our slogan says it all... "We can fix anything in your gymnasium but your won/loss record."

Our staff of experienced maintenance and repair technicians specialize in making sure your bleachers, basketball backstops and associated gym equipment meet today's safety requirements and building codes. Our attention to detail will save you money in both the short term and into the future.

Our technicians have over 50 years combined experience in the installation, service and repair of movable partitions, bleachers and backstops. It is this knowledge that they bring to your gymnasium that will help to keep you safe on your home court.

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Servicing Wisconsin and surrounding areas

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New Equipment

Basketball Backstops, Divider Curtains, Volleyball Systems, Practice Cages, Backstop Winches, Backstop Safety Straps, Gym Floor Covers, Wall Pads, Goal Posts, Soccer Goals

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Moveable Partitions

  • In the Gymnasium

  • In the classroom

  • On any site where portable space divider is required

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Gymnasium Equipment Maintenance & Repair

  • Annual Code Compliant Bleacher Maintenance and Inspection of indoor and outdoor installations
  • Maintenance of Basketball Backstops and Height Adjusters
  • Maintenance of Court Divider Curtains
  • Maintenance of Moveable Partitions in the Gym or on any site

Bleacher and Backstop Upgrades and Remodeling

  • Upgrade bleachers to comply with the current code
  • Provide heel and toe closures to comply with the 4" sphere rule
  • Install Aisles and Intermediate Railings to enhance access for the elderly and handicapped
  • Modify existing bleachers to render them handicapped accessible
  • Provide wheelchair truncations in existing installations
  • Install safety railings at the side of installations to comply with current safety code
  • Furnish and Install new bleacher support and drive wheels to reduce the abrasion on new and refinished floors
  • Replace worn basketball backstops with new glass boards and flex rims
  • Replace failing basketball Backstop winches
  • Furnish and Install remote control units to activate the automatic backstop and curtain operators
  • Furnish and Install power operation on manual bleachers